Individual (private) and group calling, providing instant communication at the push of a button. Call back and missed call functions are provided.

Status Updates

Simple status updates from workers to other radios, or to a dispatch console, allow managers to track job progress.

Text Messaging

Freeform and programmed text messaging across the network to individuals, groups and all users.

Emergency Calling

A single button press to generate an emergency call. Lone worker and man-down features ensure your workers are safe, even when working alone.

GPS Tracking

Using the Radio GPS receivers, you can track handsets, vehicle locations or users' positions. View GPS information on a FastNet™ provided dispatch, or via a web browser*.

Privacy and Security

Voice encryption keeps conversations private. Various levels of encryption available, including AES-256.


Hytera PD6 series and above DMR Radios connect instantly with the FastNet™ network. Flexible hardware solutions, to rent or own, ensure you have the right product with the right features to fit any budget or job.